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Procure Plus

Introduction -

e-Procurement is an online process for purchase & sale that is widely productive as well as efficient and ProcurePlus is an e-procurement platform offering a dynamic and real-time purchasing environment which allows the buyers to transact with suppliers for goods and services. It helps the purchasing professionals rise above the role of only purchase transaction processors and makes a strategic contribution to the organization. ProcurePlus is power-packed with manifold functions and secured which makes it the most comprehensive and well thought of e-Procurement Application in the market. It streamlines and automates the purchasing process, distributes purchasing power to authorized users so that a lot of time and energy which can be channelized for more productive work. A unique facility of mobile version which makes it accessible on mobile makes it the unique application available. This, in turn increases profitability, productivity, less maverick buying, and lowers transaction costs with greater efficiency which can add a value to the corporate.

Our complete e-Procurement suite simplifies organizations purchase needs through standardizes buying methods, controls overall spending and leverages of corporate purchasing to negotiate better deals. It does the task of online registration, uploading, bidding, evaluating and awarding of contract for more efficiency and transparency, saving and hence making the organization growth oriented. It can integrate with any existing backend systems at any location thereby eliminating duplication of work but at the same time making available centralized MIS on procurement for better inventory management and decision-making.