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Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an amalgamation of your finance & account, manufacturing, project, retails & supply chain management, asset management, procurement, human resource management and other business processes through software solutions that makes the business process smooth and improves overall administration. It improves the performance of organization's planning, purchasing, manufacturing, managing human resources, controlling inventory, tracking order, customer services and accounting resources productively. A flexible ERP system downsizes the no. of operations, reduces risk and allows custom and packaged software development to be delivered with far greater efficiency at significantly lower costs.

ERP system supports many processes with the optimum utilization of resources and flexibility by offering business tailored solutions. It contains custom add-on modules and each of those modules of ERP is specialized to handle specific business process. This will save customization costs and abridges execution time of diversified tasks.

It is important for every industry that the chosen ERP package has a good functional fit with the company's business processes and our ERP system consists of a broad set of activities which help in managing the important constituents of business. It is platform and database independent so one can use it on Linux, Mac or Windows having Oracle or even PostgreSQL database connectivity. The main aim of ERP software is to streamline the methods using different components which are typically required for carrying out various functions. The employees of the organization at all levels starting from workers, supervisors, middle-level managers to top executives can use our ERP package for integration of various functional departments. The master module of each section monitors day-to-day processes so that you can develop add-on modules and interfaces based on the technology and focus on know how to save administrative costs and allows flexibility.

Client Testimonials

Mr. David Kuttcher, Simba Products & Services

Since we have implemented ERP package from Neesa Technologies, our firm's working capacity has increased and it has also automated the complex processes to simpler ones.

Mr. Marc Currie, Derra Welding & Manufacturing

It has helped us to reduce the errors occurring frequently during various processes and quality output is obtained within less time.